The 10 Golden Rules of SEO

The right SEO strategy for your brand
December 16, 2014
SEO Tips for Small Businesses – SEO Marketing
January 7, 2016

The 10 Golden Rules of SEO

Today, I am going to publish the most important basics and tips for clean SEO.

Shajee Fareedi  as SEO Consultant have these tips for search engine optimization written for two reasons: Firstly, I want to allow both laymen and professionals among webmasters, web pages with the help of our tips to improve & Tools. Secondly, I am a SEO Specialist  with that I makes money by providing search engine optimization services. I have repeatedly Customers say: “I want to place 1. What does it cost?” One can such a complex question, which is about as if someone says to an architect: “I want a nice house in the countryside, what does it cost? “, answer not seriously lump sum. These rules are intended to explain even customers without technical understanding of the operation of search engines and make comprehensible what a good service does exactly. They should understand what is associated with more effort and why some things need a few days until they are reflected and others months or even years.

You will realize that search engine optimization has currently more to do in our view, with the right of making available information and usability than with tricks. The aim of the most important search engine, Google Inc. Search engine optimization is designed to help to present information as optimally as possible to their users. I will show that basic usability factors and a good information architecture and good SEO Content much more prominent role than technical tweaks and hidden tricks. We know that other companies offer still “old school” – Search Engine Optimization Services, many Blackhat optimization even still called (ie spam). I, no longer “optimize” Therefore, my service is purely advisory in nature and because it is time consuming, it is worthwhile, especially for larger customers. But for everyone else these tips are indeed intended. If you really work through, you create the Top10 by itself. Promised!

For suggestions and tips Here I have always an open ear. Please fill out this form. We will reply by return mail!

Rule 1: Be Organic!

Search engines, especially Google, use a major part of its energy in the fight against spam. They will do anything to avoid spam. As search engines recognize spam? As a rule, the fact that spam unorganically is. Example: From one day to appear 1,000,000 new websites a particular page in the Google index. What Google thinks so? Here it can not go above board.

Google can now categorize relatively well sites. A portal like Humariweb or a news page as has difference than a company website. At a news page Google assumes that every day a certain amount of new content added at a corporate presence website, Google shows relatively usually left.

What does that mean? Google needs to protect against spam. This makes Google mainly by analyzing how “normal” or “good” sites operate and function as “spam pages’. Typical characteristic of a bad website: Both the number of sites, as well as the number of incoming links to increase by leaps and bounds. Such a growth is not organic and Google spam filters are sounding the alarm.

Now you will say, “But then would never even a new website up and I know X-counter examples.” Then you call what times! Most of the larger sites have managed lately but have achieved this by means of a manual activation or it is a site that “has become a trend.”

Now you are asking yourself: “How does Google the non-organic growth of a spam page of the normal side?” That’s not so difficult. Google uses to its service “GoogleTrends”. Tap times a search term, for example, your name. Immerse yourself in there, Google recognizes that you are a trend and then you can grow up to a certain extent. Are your web pages is not part of a trend, you should seek definitely to organic growth.

When 2 do the same, it is still far from the same thing! For the reasons mentioned above applies that you just if you have a small website, must not simply copy the methods of large websites.

Please also keep in mind that Google  and its Robot and technical triggers are not everything but, there are thousands of quality raters are to evaluate your website manually An important criterion is here, except if you spamming or not, as is “go-getting” it. A Web page that runs a blog and otherwise is active in the scene, is rated higher than a “dead” company website.

Tip: Include steadily and organically new, valuable content to your web page!

Rule 2: Get to know your users!

This tip sounds once more by search engine marketing than by SEO. But search engines are trying to identify as target groups for whom you write your web pages and search engines are trying to analyze whether you operate your target audience well. To this end, of course, are especially the links that point to your website, used, but search engines try and content to make qualitative analysis, eg about the visit duration of users on your website. The more precisely you know your audience, the better.

Use analysis software. In Germany very common include ahrefs, SEOMoz, InfoTools and Google Analytics. Take such analysis tools to improve your usability and analyze whether your website for users is optimal. Clean up consistently every barrier out of the way. Too often we make the discovery that website operators believe your users “find the information already.” Please believe me, each mouthful you prepare your information for users, the better it works well with the search engines.

Rule 3: Avoid barriers!

This tip sounds banal at first glance. Anyone who has a little busy with SEO, know that you have a search engine prepare my website palatable. The reality is somewhat different. Here are the main barriers to those search engines fail:

  • Flash: Flash movies can Google index although theoretically. An eventual indexing has but not nearly the same power as “normal” text.
  • Frames: If your website has a special feature, a frame structure: Frames are pursued only limited by search engines. If you use the so-called NoFrames range from, there can accommodate text and links to sub-pages. This means that the search engines follow these links and index your website more text. There are still few examples where frames “function”. As a rule, however, these are historical reasons. We do not recommend frames from unique.
  • IFrames: IFrames have with frames despite name similarity nothing in common. IFrames are usually indexed by search engines and it should not be used.
  • Large image files: search engines themselves regularly to swallow very large image files. Avoid!
  • Long loading times: The size of a Web page is important. Clear out your websites and streamline the code!
  • Session IDs: Google can now deal reasonably with Sessions IDs. But just the IDs of JSP pages make Google even more to create. Google recommends that the “id” parameter to take in order to designate a session variable. It is even better to hide the session variables and use only for the actual shopping cart process is.
  • Slow server: load times are becoming increasingly important for Google. The Robot is mad if he has to wait, because that eats resources. Do not just refer to the charging time of the HTML file, but also to the loading time of your Java scripts, to the speed of internal redirects and the DNS server speed.
    Tip: In the Google Webmaster Tools shows the speed at which Google crawls your Web pages indexed and whether problems arise.
  • Long chains parameters: In many web shops you can still see URLs like shop.php cat = 3 & sid = 999383838393 & productt = 786 & country = pk or similar?. Take so-called URL rewriting to this URL to convert it into readable forms. For example /pk/shop/product/Red-Cycle. This is very important if you want to optimize a shop for search engines!

A helpful tool that you should necessarily use the Google Webmaster Tools. Google tells you where there are problems. Which websites can not be crawled and how Google sees your site.

Rule 4: Internal Linking

A search engine makes an image from a web page. A search engine tries to “understand” how the structure of a web page is. As the web page is nested and structured. Help the search engine, by recycling your structure palatable.

Use navigation with text to use graphically instead of your way points. Use a sitemap.xml What is meant is not “Google Sitemaps”, but really a normal sitemap.

And be aware in all your efforts Rule1! That Vary your anchor text. Always use the same link text, a search engine can interpret as spam.

The best way to create an array and assign each web page a search term and link to any other website from your website, which contains the query, on the website to be optimized.

Rule 5: “Content is King”.

This rate applies lately just for the popular search engine Google. It is conceivable to create a special workflow, will be published by the Article would. The focus should be here, as in the link popularity also lie on a “organic” growth. The “organic growth”, it is also why customers should be cared for in the long term. Because you need to focus on your core competencies, you have not the time to take care of it, when each link was put on your website or in which cycles needs your website content fresh.

Rule 6: Links, links, links and links again!

Links are the “currency” in the search engine optimization. The more links pointing to your website from other websites, the higher it ranks in a search engine.

The so-called off-page optimization ensures that a search engine evaluates the value of your website relative to other competitors as high as possible. Corresponding keywords in the search engine result pages are displayed, the higher a search engine measures the value of your website, the higher.

Was it so far so that most SEO Experts put on “On-Page Optimization”, so this optimization is increasingly losing its importance – and the importance of the “Off-Page Optimization” is increasing more and more. The most important parameter for a good “Off-Page Optimization” is the number and quality of links pointing to your site. Google attaches this popularity by PageRank.

But please avoid spamming. The revenge very quickly. You’d be better now and create good content and interesting tools that allow you “automatically” links from other websites get.

It is much better to use classical PR work. You want so that good users coming to your website. More and more in coming and quite “legal” is so-called Linkbaiting. This is the “panhandling” of links. But if you have good content or good content, begging falls on particularly fertile ground.

Rule 7: Let the world know you’re there!

So far, sites could be registered directly in any of the major search engines. There are indeed on the Google website a registration form, but only one’s own website is register-able. In practice, the Robot lurches a search engine on the links to a site along and then take the pages in the search engine. No links, no indexing.

You can login using “Google Sitemaps” Its work for Google, however. Thus Google can now future every file are received on the server for information, there are even important additional parameters mitlieferbar. So you can specify how many times a file changes, as the current file and how important they considered. All this information could not yet be communicated. This is much easier for the operator of a website. However, Google Sitmaps provides only for a speedy indexing.You reach with Google Sitemaps does not improve your positioning in search engines.

Rule 8: Do not be too old-fashioned!

Many search engine optimizers are old-fashioned. You once read somewhere a tip or heard, and that’s why you follow this tip to all eternity. What was today, must no longer apply tomorrow. Example web catalogs: They were long considered the possibility for smaller search engine optimizers, it is now so that a link can do more harm even if you do not correct them.

So it is with the so-called onsite optimization. There are still a myriad of optimizers, the old school SEO operate. This includes the insertion of keywords in alt tags of images, the excessive use of Awards as strong, bold and italics, the Keyword density and many other factors.

Search engines use highly sophisticated methods. As for the search engine optimization, so you already have 95% of success, at least as far as the onsite optimization, if you have a keyword in the title tag of a web page, even excellent in a h2 heading and a couple of times (keyword density about 3 -4%) houses in the text.
A good editor who writes professional Web content that makes anyway.

Rule 9: The right audience / the right keywords!

Semantic Search get ever greater weighting in Google. Take a look at once Semager at which word field currently determines a semantic search engine for your website.You should always produce an entire field around the keyword to be optimized keyword around.

Think again to rule no. 5!

How do you find the right keywords?

  • With a keyword database.
    You can use Keywords Planner by Google. A Keywords Database shows you what keywords users enter in search engines really. When Google keyword database, you can enter only your website and Google will then show you the relevant keywords to.
  • Drawing on the analysis of your conversions.
    Go to your analysis program. For example, Google Analytics. Go to sources and see, on what keywords users of organic Search a conversion on your web page.These keywords you have the same starting with a keyword database and you’ve got a very good keyword base.

Rule 10: have patience and analyze!

I know many SEOs who read in a forum any “hot tip” and then implement it. If you then a few days later to see changes in the list of search results from Google and Co., you attribute this to your made a few days ago to change.

Search engines and Google just change the ranking of web pages in a very long time periods. Until a link from another website for my website breaks down, it can take months because Google only just the link must indicate what already takes time to complete, and then refer to this iteratively until the next evaluation round.

You should therefore not permanently change your website. Heed my unique rules and do otherwise, except to add fresh content, not on your website. Then you are with Google!


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