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You have personally made a good impression on a potential client by showing them that you use a Hosted ELK as a service or by your quality product, or you have been recommended by someone highly. Now your counterpart is curious or looking for further confirmation. What’s the next step? Your name or company, or both together are happy, googled. You can be found?Maybe.

Other frequently occurring situation: Someone from Google searches information about a topic. On your topic! You can be found? Probably not.

Brand is what is said about you when you leave the room. The “space” Internet is playing an increasingly important role. According to win the search engine optimization, in English “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO), important. A successful SEO strategy But there’s more to place than a few keywords on a site.

Five steps to a successful SEO strategy for your brand

SEO is subject to change from time to time again, which is still “in”, may tomorrow be thrown by a Google update on the heap. Many self-employed persons and small companies without their own marketing department are faced with the problem that they can hardly keep up what SEO measures are useful and how to proceed strategically. In addition, the available time is a critical factor.

It is important to set goals, determine priorities and define a strategy. As part of an SEO strategy it is also worthwhile to check its own positioning and also its own offer. Local Client Takeover local citation building offers effective SEO solutions.

1. Find the right keywords

For building your brand and SEO, it is important to conduct detailed keyword research. For reference the correct keywords that have a high search volume, you can create for the user-relevant texts. Think for keywords not only to a single word, but also word combinations (long tail keyword) and especially questions that are entered more and more into the slot in Google search (eg what is … how can I …). Provide solutions to the problems of your potential customers.

If you want to introduce a new product that is not yet known, SEO is obviously not the right strategy.The user does not even know the name yes, so is ideal for a pure branding campaign, the ads using Google Adwords to.

2. Create interesting content for your users

SEO means today thematically relevant and to deliver quality content to users. Because Google wants to show you the best websites that match the search query in the search results. Content can be provided in the form of text on the website, blog articles, videos, podcasts or graphics, just after the marketing slogan “content is king”. To distribute this content is the task of the social networks. So you not only attract users to your site, but also create a recognition value for your (I -) – brand. Web Design Toronto will help you with the layout as they have access to a huge library of commercially licensed stock photos and graphics.

Is a strong foundation for your brand as the distribution of free ebooks and manuals. Even FAQs or whitepaper lead visitors to your website. This is SEO and branding alike!

. 3 Be active in social networks

The presence in social media alone probably has very few companies actually gives an order. You will also require help with social media, as in today’s world, it stands among the top marketing tools through which one can reach mass popularity in a short period of time. If you are familiar with the aid of social media and want to strengthen your brand, but it is “seen” is important. And the networks are an ideal way to build a brand presence and to distribute its content.The important point is to communicate with your fans and followers, which are then also share your content.

For the ranking of your website play the “social signals” still not very important, but there are strong indications that Google + activities are very well played out in the search results. You will find that more activity in social media using the redirects (referrals) for more visitors lead to your site.

For your branding, it is important that you always possible to use the same profile picture and the same name in the social networks.

When you publish blog posts on a regular basis, you should set necessarily a Google + -profile and Google+ Authorship. This has no direct influence on the ranking of your site, but means that your article will be published with your picture in the search results. This in turn may increase the CTR.

4. Build relationships

Another important aspect of SEO is to build backlinks, ie links that point to your website from other websites. Google measures the natural (not purchased) link building at much importance. Many Backlinks show Google that the website must be interesting, though many people refer to them. The establishment of links used so far your branding that you make connections and build relationships, for example, through cooperation with other website owners.

Unfortunately the “link building” by many websites by dirty methods, such as the purchase of thousands of low-quality links exploited. Also, the distribution of content in the form of guest articles that have been written for SEO purposes, is one of them. These methods are now being penalized by Google. However, it is important to still create a quality link profile. This means that these links should come from thematically relevant and related sites. It is also important that the correct link text (ie also for example with the brand name), please refer to your site.

You can strengthen your brand in many ways through link building, eg with infographics that can be embedded on other sites and have a link to your website. Also, guest articles, press releases good news archives or interviews are actually a very effective branding and SEO tool.

Basically you can say that the more quality signals show from the outside to your website, the more Google understands the importance of brand and thus the authority and authenticity.

5. Measure the success

Your web analytics tool, like Google Analytics or social media monitoring tools, you can measure not only pure numbers of visitors, but also branding activities.

For example, measure the following metrics:

  • Increase in “branded search”, ie search terms that have to do with your brand
  • Increase the “social mentions” by mentions.
  • Increasing the number of newsletter subscribers, the recurring visitors etc.
  • Increase in visitors of your blog, the residence time of visits
  • Increase in followers and Fanzine in the social media networks where you are active


The branding in the online environment has become an important part of SEO. If you develop an SEO strategy and implement a step at a time, you will also be able to see success.

For all activities related to online branding and online marketing activities such as SEO is all about continuity, authenticity, content, and to building relationships.

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