Happy meeting. I am Shajee Fareedi, the SEO Consultant and Specialist in SEO Services in Pakistan. I am at your service in your website promotion activities through shajeefareedi.com.


Wonder what is so special about me? Well – My credentials and my 100% satisfied clientele will speak for me. I am basically a Professional Graphic Designer starting from 2007.


This led me into Web Designing assignments for various esteemed clients all over the world since 2008. Till 2011 I have served an array of online businesses, with world-class websites designed exactly as per the wishes and aspirations of my clients, which are roaring success even today.


For the last 3 years, the Internet Marketing has been hectic with so many websites (nearly 1 billion as of date) vying with each other to succeed online. This gave a great fillip for Search Engine Optimization Services. I earnestly switched over to SEO Services along with my concentration on Digital Marketing Services. So far my client websites have been promoted into immense popularity, by adopting proven and time-tested SEO strategies, techniques and tactics.


During these years my tasks as SEO Specialist are –

  • Welcome my new customer cordially and instil confidence in their minds that their websites will meet with Guaranteed Success Online
  • Understand the needs, short-coming, flaws existing in the given website which prevent it from getting high-ranks in Search Engines and evolve a Game Plan for a meaningful SEO to achieve the desired goals of my client.
  • In case of new website requirements, build a website with latest Web Designing Technology solutions to make it Search Engine-friendly.
  • Strive hard to promote the website all over the net-world through world-forums, portals of importance, web directories, and social networking platforms, perfect permanent Link-building and undertaking every On-Page and Off-Page SEO nuances exactly customized to my client’s website.
  • Adapt to the changed situations of Algorithm Updates by popular Search Engines; and giving top-priority to customer-friendly web contents in the site for top ranking and accordingly change the SEO tactics to assure 100% Success.


Now by engaging Shajee Fareedi.com as your SEO Consultant you hire the following skills inherent:


  • Search Engine Optimization Services
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertisement Marketing
  • Thorough analysis of your website for fruitful keywords and density; web content analysis to make them Search Engine-friendly; web designing and structure analysis; Product and Brand analysis to implant the name in the minds of consumers; Market Research including analysis of competitors sites etc.
  • Taking corrective action to popularize your website through fully-customized SEO tools and tactics.


Ultimately you get the following benefits:


  • Your website is pushed to the forefront in respect of high ranking by popular Search Engines
  • Your website-link gets prominence in the top pages of Search Engine Indices
  • You get crowds of organic web-visitors continuously and undoubtedly for a long period
  • You convert visitors into buyers by the consumer-friendly website
  • Your business grows, volume of sales increases, you reap high profits and satisfactory ROI.

Trust Shajee Fareedi for Your Online Success!

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