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Benefits of SEO Services - Shajee Fareedi

What can do self-employed and small businesses in order to increase the visibility of their website

Again and again, I note that the issue of search engine optimization (SEO) is quite arrived, THE Self-employed and small business owners know well that their chances of being found on the Internet, could be improved by Search Engine Optimization. But how?

Most of the analysis of why the website can not be found begins with a disappointment.Often, the website has been created with a modular system. By contrast, there is nothing to say, but as a modular system provides the possibility of fast and create a website without any programming knowledge, often with additional functions. So far so good.

Unfortunately, in such a system often lack the possibility of the full range of so-called On-page optimization to (ie directly on the website) use or they are not visible to the layman.However, search engine optimization is not limited to activities on the site itself, but also outside (off-page optimization).

Why a Content Management System is useful

If you are considering a relaunch of your website, for example, if the site is no longer technically up to date, contains Flash elements or even frames, then make sure you take a so-called content management system change. These systems, such as WordPress or Typo3, disconnect between design and content, and are – if everything has been installed – relatively easy to maintain. So Furthermore, the search engine optimization much easier to perform.

SEO-truths and SEO myths

One thing you have to be clear, SEO is an extremely complex issue. Not for nothing that big agencies, Conferences and Expert deal with it. Nevertheless, even small businesses that can not afford Agency, taking their SEO activities into their own hands. Time consuming the whole thing is all that needs to be a clear. In addition, Google changes its search algorithm from time to time, so that always new tips and trends. The basis of search engine optimization, however, remains – despite all hype about Google updates.

Top 10 Tips for Search Engine Optimization

Tip 1) The domain name

SEO starts already at the domain name. You should take in no case a free web space to complete, but rather an own domain register. Internet providers such as 1 × 1, Strato or All-inclusive. do it for you. Look for a name that your customers can well remember and possibly already points to your product or service, that contains a relevant search term for you.

Tip 2) Submit your site in Google Search Console

By signing up with the Google, Search Console (formerly: Webmaster Tools), you get a lot of valuable information about your presence on the Internet, such as loading times or HTML errors. The charging time has become extremely important. If you have to wait too long until a site is built, you are impatient. Therefore evaluates Google from those pages and your website lands later in the search results.

In the Search Console You will also learn how to ensure that your website has a search engine readable Sitemap.

Tip 3) filenames and image files

Use meaningful file names, so do not bild1.jpg, but as the product name. Make sure when naming on separated by dashes words in lowercase letters and numbers and do not use capital letters, spaces or umlauts. They also fill in the “old” – and the “title” tag, which is explicitly relevant search engines is not, but for better usability contribute your page.

Tips 4) Searches (keywords)

It is best to ask in the circle after what terms they would be looking to find your offer. Often can be found in this way words or word combinations, to which you have not thought of.Think carefully about which keywords you want to be found, and keep in mind that many users enter today not just a word, but more often and also locally, for example, “Dental implants Services”!

Guests can also use the keyword database of Google to find out what keywords are how often wanted and what related keywords there. Also take a look at your competitors simply by what keywords they use. Go to their website, click “Ctrl” “u” or the right mouse button and click “Page Source”. The code tells you in the meta tags, what keywords were used. Of course, the term should occur even several times in the text, but do not overdo it. Contact Local Brand Advisor for effective strategies to increase your online visibility with their expertise.

Tips 5) metadata and tags

It is important that you place a good title (meta-tag “title”). This should always be unique and focused on the theme of each page.

The meta tag “description” is not Google-relevant, but a good description serves to make the display in the search results for your potential reader so interesting that they click on the link of the search result:


If the meta tag “description” be left blank, as in the example above, Google is looking for something together from their texts. The results are then often meaningless or even cryptic texts that do not feel like “more”.

Tip 6) The Navigation

Break down your site logically and ask your friends and acquaintances, as they find their way to the site. Please give preference to too many levels, usually ranging from two to a maximum of three completely out. Provide clarity and link within your own pages, especially on important pages. Again, do not overdo it.

Tip 7) Write for your target audience

Be relevant texts for your site’s users. Because if your users are your website for good, that’s good for Google. Google rated namely for some time also the factor “Time on Site”.So jump The more users from your site again, the worse it is for the evaluation of sites.Write for your target audience so avoid interesting texts and this text repeats (duplicate content). The repetition can be within your own website (eg because the always the same title tag use) or because they have simply copied texts from somewhere. This includes the same content, the so web addresses can be accessed via different URLs. Also offer from time to time new content, which may be of interest to your visitors. Your site is ultimately not set in stone.

Tip 8) links from other sites

Try to get links from other thematically related pages on your site, so-called. Backlinks. This will improve your rankings, because if you have many links to your pages, Google evaluates this as a quality criterion. Even an entry into reputable web directories increases the ranking of your site.

Tip 9) Do your SEO homework

Although the significance of the classical search engine optimization decreases, nevertheless always have the above-mentioned “SEO homework” done, are constantly checked and optimized. Other factors are becoming more and more important! This includes the presence in social media and especially in Google+. A profile in Google+ or Google Places (Google+ Local) belongs almost for search engine optimization as genuine backlinks that have been forgiven because your pages offer something interesting.

Tip 10) Optimize by web analytics

Check the activity on your site with a web analytics tool such as Google Analytics. This allows you to not only determine how many visitors you have to your site, but also which keywords were searched for the most, which pages were most interesting to your visitors and much more. Do not abandon this important instrument in order to optimize your website.

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