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SEO Specialist with an extensive portfolio

As an SEO specialist with a versatile range of services, I take sustainable search engine optimization of your website with the aim of the optimization to improve your visibility in the search results of major search engines. I have the technical know-how for a successful implementation.

Your Result-oriented SEO Specialist

On the basis of a detailed SEO analysis, I recognize that optimization potential can be used and what improvements need to be made. For a tailored search engine optimization, I develop a customized strategy and present you with customized solutions.

Using the latest technology and my years of expertise, I take the necessary measures in Onpage- and OffPage area and thus lay the foundation for better rankings. Thus I make your website both technology and content more attractive and relevant for the search engines.

In recent years, I have a number of projects for clients from various industries extremely successful and I developed my expertise and my excellent service to the market leader. Also, you can greatly benefit from my expertise.

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO at the highest level
  • SEO marketing with the expert SEO – Shajee Fareedi
  • Comprehensive online marketing solutions for your individual needs

If you would like to accept me as an SEO specialist to optimize your website, i am available at any time for a personal consultation.


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