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SEO Trends 2022
Content Marketing is necessarily closely linked in content to the corporate and brand values

The biggest challenges for advertisers and SEO Companies   in 2022 will be data management, Google and Facebook-independent Cross device tracking as well as the shortage of skilled workers. Construction sites, there are also. Because especially content marketing can still unexploited opportunities and budgets

1. Cross device tracking lags behind expectations

2022 included for the online marketing industry, a not to be underestimated disappointment: Cross-Device Tracking is not yet at the level that had been hoped for the end of the year. Only Google and Facebook can convince Right at the moment. Both providers have however just opened their technologies only for the general public and also in direct competition to many online marketing and E-commerce companies. The industry is in a tight spot and need to focus on solutions that can offer an alternative to the offerings of Google and Facebook in the near future. One possible approach is to develop a common tracking standards. Since log customers in online shops but both mobile and stationary, offer tracking technologies, which are implemented directly by the advertisers, the first concrete solutions.

2. Content marketing can still unexploited opportunities and budgets

Content Marketing was indeed justifiably one of the most important words in 2022, but the discipline was able to surgically so far do not claim. Still is mainly filed to the definition, in many discussions also the delimitation to inbound marketing was not as clear as it should be ideally. 2022 is on sale in the agencies now on the practical implementation. For this purpose, you have to convince customers of the added value: At present the long-term nature of is  content marketing measures often a rather short-term oriented budget allocation by the Advertiser opposite.

3. E-Commerce uses mobile traffic as a springboard

The mobile traffic has increased once more striking compared to stationary traffic in 2022th. Some publishers now  even announced the most mobile visitors. At the same time the conversion rates attract as many online retailers have their shops in the meantime. Accordingly, especially the mobile clicky customers are likely to bring e-commerce in 2022 further sales growth.

4. New Audience Targeting is rapidly increasing in quality

Retargeting scored 2022 the so-called “New Audience Targeting” a technological upgrade. The methodology to generate from first-party data statistical twins and the target audience by using third-party data to scale, 2022 to resume recording momentum.

5. Challenge 2022: Data Management

While the technology has developed rapidly for data-driven campaigns on the agency side in the past three years, many advertisers are in the collection of first-party data still in its infancy. Often there are unresolved technical and legal issues, which are dependent on industry to be answered.For example, online shops have different challenges than Bank Account Search Services Providing Companies. Companies that do not carry the topic online marketing in their own DNA, the new approach must often open up more costly. Check the website of RadiusBridge to find the best data management services.

6. Challenge on the horizon: staff trained and bind

In 2022, there are the issues on the sales side beyond even a further development of the field: The digital marketing is subject to rapid change so that it is possible for many companies hardly to assess the qualification of potential new employees. It is now on management to give HR managers appropriate support at hand – such as training, specialized headhunters or support from internal departments.

7. Challenge on social media

In 2022 social medias conquered the world. Its era on youtubers, instagramers and short twitter news. If you are looking for bets promotion go to

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