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The era was awesome, when the Web was invented, even no one didn’t thought about the several things we are currently enjoying and whatever we are doing through the web! It’s not only about the enjoyment, the web also became a source of business and several of industries like web development, web designing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Online Marketing, Online Shopping, and several branches of digital marketing are depended on the Web since several Off-line business are also taking advantage of the web to generate business through SEO marketing, Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, Email Marketing and so on. As we all know that the whole world is being advancing significantly, the number of web users is increasing like fire! and all the needs of every individual are most probably is being fulfill with the help of web!

Lets talk about Business needs and how web is the need of it!

Since we all know, the only thing is required to run a business is business / Sales, and for that, we require customers to whom we sell our services or products we are offering, and the majority of population from all over the world is web user! well, I will get to it again later soon in the article!

So, the sales is a most important part of every business and it only can be done with few things!

– Public Relation
– Marketing


So, As we know the marketing is not that easy and it requires heavy budget to get fruitful result and most probably, the more we display, the more chances we have to get attention of people.

But, there is difference in all types of marketing!

When we go to Off-line marketing, we use posters, banners, billboard banners, and several other methods which is not actually targeted, we use it randomly! but how will it be for you if people are searching something that you offer and approach you directly?

When we go online, there are several branches of Digital Marketing like TVC, Video Marketing, Display Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing and SEO Marketing and several of companies are there, providing SEO services and complete digital marketing services.

But the thing is, only SEO Marketing and Social Media Marketing is what can bring you the actual result of marketing as we can approach directly to our targeted audience!


Social Media Marketing

Social media Marketing is what we can use to display our product only to the audience who takes interest in our product some how! it helps us too not to waste number of $$$! we pay for only our customers, not for everyone which enable us to minimize our marketing budget and get ROI instantly! Social Media like Facebook have an efficient system which helps us reach to our targeted customers from an specific area of a city or whole world! Social Media Marketing have their own rules and factors so the social media specialist are there to do this job with their effective strategies to deliver fruitful results!

BUT AGAIN, Social Media Marketing requires a budget to reach out the targeted audience!

“how will it be for you if people are searching something that you offer and approach you directly?”

SEO Marketing

It is what SEO can bring to you!
With SEO, you do not need to approach people, ask them to buy, display something, pay website to display your advertisement of colorful birthday banners for a kid’s birthday on their web pages, till you pay, you will be displayed! Not at all!

SEO is what can grow you generically as a plant! Yeah, it is true that you will need patients to enjoy its sweet taste just as a plant, if we stretch a plant, it will harm its roots and will die and if you use medicines etc to grow it significantly, its fruit will not be risk free and will definitely not give you that taste which you can enjoy with generic fruit! You can read more abo0ut the dangers of trying to grow too much too fast at, we learned a great deal from other people’s mistakes. We do not have to make the same ones. We want a strong root plant!

SEO is same as a Plant, if we go for Black-Hat, the result will be significant, but is for short time only! which will be fully risky!

According to DigitalEstate, SEO needs to be done naturally to deliver risk free result and tasty fruit!
Once it’s done naturally, it mean you are going to rock!

Why? the answer is simple, We use to optimize our website on selected keywords after a complete keyword research and analysis. For example, if we are selling SEO Marketing Services and we are optimizing our website on keyword: SEO Services and its monthly searches in USA is 10,000 (Avg) and we are on the top of the search result, we have highest chances to get clicked!
If we received 3000 clients a month on this keywords, it mean 30% of searchers are visiting our website for services what they are looking for and if only 10% of 3000 visitors have been matured to buy our service, it mean we have received 300 clients a month, which is just awesome!
But, keep  in mind that SEO is an ongoing process, don’t stop it when you are ranked, otherwise you will be beaten by other competitor as we did to others to get ranked!

Note: It is just an example, it can be less or more than the number mentioned above, so don’t be sad if the number is less 🙂 because 1 lead it is 100 times better than getting 0 leads a month!

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