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Selecting a SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant is a difficult process.Without insight into the matter you quickly falls in on fraudsters who want to flay with pompous phrases like “We’ll take you to Google as number one” impression. The following ten criteria will help in choosing a good SEO Consultant.

SEO Consultant

SEO Expert Pakistan

1 Dear strategy promises

Are you skeptical when you promises an SEO Specialist a particular placement for a keyword!Hundreds of factors determine the final placement of a page, including the factors on which a SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant has no influence. Promises of this kind are untrustworthy. Let yourself love the long-term strategy of the SEO Consultant to introduce, instead of falling for prophecies.

2 entries in search engines and catalogs

Shajee Fareedi is a SEO Specialist, if i advertises to register your site with hundreds of thousands of search engines and catalogs. First, there is in Pakistan far only Google Bing and Yahoo as relevant competitors. In addition, the registration page is long outdated in a search engine. Nowadays the search engines find new pages in the Internet itself – without the help of a SEO Consultant.

Also links from catalogs are antiquated. Google sees such link farms mostly negative to, evaluates them in some cases as spam. So you win by entering a backlink of you more harm than good. Of course there are exceptions, for example the Open Directory Project. A good SEO Specialist knows this.

3 Longer cooperation rather than one-off measures

You should be suspicious if you promise a SEO Consultant for a fixed price, to optimize your site for search engines. SEO is characterized by longer-term measures. A one-time optimization is not sufficient and therefore untrustworthy.

Check 4 references the SEO Specialist

A good SEO Specialist has many references. This need not be a global player necessarily.Ask specific questions, such as cooperation with other clients looks. Also not afraid to shy away, to check the references of a SEO agency by contacting a customer. Finally, it should be spending and not the view of the SEO agency for you the customer impression.

5 specialty or alongside Optimization?

Many online marketing agencies call themselves SEO agency, without the necessary know-how to have about search engine optimization. Larger online marketing agencies own possibly also as a SEO agency. However, you are better off with a specialist SEO Consultant in the rule.

6th sustainability instead of short-term

Search Engine Optimization – at least when operated properly – is a sustainable process that takes several weeks and often months. Only then success can be seen through the work of the SEO Specialist and are also preserved. It is possible that a rogue SEO agency is also very successful in the short term. When this success but that secures against the Google guidelines for search engine optimization to violate, the success is sure not to last. On the contrary, when Google realized that the SEO Expert has swindled your front seat, the very negative consequences for the entire website to your company as a consequence, in the worst case.

7 transparency and exchange

Let obtaining detailed information on measures. What are the SEO Specialist operates exactly what they are hoping to gain? Ask rather too much than too little and set it important that you explain your issues quickly. Monthly reports should also be automatically created and sent by the SEO Specialist, without having to ask for it. A collaboration between SEO Consultant and company should be a constant exchange.

8 SEO Consultant are expensive and work individually

Since search engine optimization is an ongoing process by specialists, the costs are correspondingly high. Is an Specialist SEO & Consultant particularly cheap, skepticism is initially attached. Caution should also be exercised if the SEO Specialist has fixed package prices.SEO measures can not be generalized. Every business needs custom methods that cost a lot different.

9 The right keywords

Keywords there are a dime a dozen. Most of these keywords are negligibly small (not looking for it), other very large (many look for it). For an SEO Specialist , it is easy to take an insignificant keyword to get it to number one and you then sell it as a success. Make sure however that the SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant also selects the right keywords .

10 IT support partner

Fully Managed IT outsourcing with tailored consulting to solve your business issues and help your company grow. Providing expertise and Managed IT Services for small and medium businesses in order to take care of your customers.

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