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SEO Onpage Optimization – The basis of search engine optimization.

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors by SEO Specialist in Pakistan

Specialist SEO Consultant Guide’s major On-Page Ranking Factors.


Shajee Fareedi – Specialist SEO Consultant in Pakistan providing SEO Services in all over the world using highly effective techniques and tricks including ON-PAGE Optimization which is one of the major Search Engine Ranking Factors.

In the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website we take into account of course all important factors of on-page optimization, where content and structure of the website are processed so that they characterized in a much better placement on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) will be later on.

As a Specialist SEO Consultant, i would like to disclose some of the most important factors of on-page optimization:

Website content

The quality of content is by far the most important factor for the success of the website. The page appear more relevant is the content for the searched keyword, the higher in the corresponding search results. But It’s not about as many repetitions of the search term to accommodate, but rather to a meaningful use and effective award: H1, H2, etc. for headings, <B>, <I>, <U>, for key words and <UL> or <LI> for lists.

Domain / URL

The web addresses of the pages are processed so that relevant keywords are placed in them.

Page Title

The title not only has great influence on the position of the side, but also serves as the link text of the links generated in the search and is thus for the user is of great importance.

Description text

The text in the links of search result pages is often created from the META Description tag, so this also have an important role.


The web design is built barrier-free and valid according to the definitions of the W3C and is characterized not only by a high degree of usability, but also has a very lean source code, so as to obtain an optimal balance between keyword and entire page content (keyword density).


The sensible and effective use of keywords on a page is certainly the area that needs the most experience and a lot of tact. Meaningless strings of search terms to bring a little benefit for the visitors. It seen as an attempt at manipulation – lead to punishment by Google & Co.

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