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How to choose the right keywords for SEO

Choosing targeted keywords on you website is one of the major steps in the implementation of a SEO strategy. To bring maximum traffic to your site at a launch, you try for example, avoid too competitive keywords and keywords with only a small amount of research.

To begin, you must identify and select keywords related to the business of your website. We must ensure that each keyword has a genuine interest in your site while having opportunities to gain valuable positioning.

The value of the keyword is defined by its popularity and traffic generated. The feasibility mean that you have access to different levers that you consider a good ranking on targeted words, within a reasonable time.


The principle of the long tail is represented by the graph below. The Green part is called the “head” of the long tail keywords and is the most popular. The Blue part is the “tail” of the long tail and includes all keywords unpopular but more numerous.

Keyword Research Graph - Shajee Fareedi

Keyword Research – SEO Consultant Pakistan


The long tail is a phenomenon affecting the majority of web sites and therefore require special attention. Indeed, the tail of this long tail generates about 80% of traffic to a website while the head of the long tail in only generate 20%. Hence the need to develop the number of the terms in its internal pages to position the largest number of keywords annexes, they generate considerable traffic. This is particularly supported by the fact that people extend their search terms more than words to get more targeted results.


Before you even consider the benefits and the competitive level of a keyword, it is necessary to identify it. For this, several resources are available to you First, you must clearly identify your theme.

Then you can write down key words and terms that you naturally come to mind. You can also ask your entourage words coming to mind when thinking about your website.

Also, there are keyword tools that allow you to get a list of relevant keywords related to the theme of your site, here is a list of tools that we recommend:

Use generators Keywords PPC platforms (adCenter, AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing). Their tools are very powerful and you shall indicate, the number of searches per month and evolution.

Google Suggest offers popular queries when a keyword or phrase is defined.

This tool allows you to quickly identify a list of popular and close expressions.

Other tools that offer keyword in the words proposed as Outiref or Keyword Discovery.

Another way to find your keywords, you can use the thesaurus as !

Consider monitoring the meta tags of your competitors to get an idea of the keywords to look more closely. For example, you can target keywords in the database description or take a look at the keyword tag if you think it is properly completed, which is not always the case given the interest.

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Google Analytics allows you to link your website with it and provides you the opportunity the check your websites sta in order to confront your location data with traffic change data. This allows you to determine the impact of changing your position in traffic to your website.

One advantage of this connection to Google Analytics is the module dashboard. This module suggest you add in your tracking tool, which keywords generate visits to your website. In everyday life, you have an overview of the new keywords that bring you traffic.


After developing a list of potential keywords that you want to position its website, it is necessary to study the desirability and feasibility of your positioning strategy.

Therefore, Google Adwords is here to guide you. We’re not going to use this tool to start advertising but to analyze the opportunities your targeted keywords.

Google AdWords has the advantage of offering a study by keywords including:

The number of global monthly searches
The number of local searches
The trend research


More popular a keyword is and the harder it is to position itself in the best seats of the search results.

I invite you to go to Google to search on the keywords you want to target. According to the number of results available, the feasibility of a successful positioning varies:

50 000-100 000 results: the intensity of competition is not strong. You may consider positioning yourself on that keyword to obtain relatively quickly, an interesting position.
100 000 500 000 results: competitive intensity is strong enough. Proper positioning is complicated but you are likely to obtain it, provided they are patient and work professionally.
More than 000 results 500: competitive intensity is high, it will take a lot of energy (and time!), Be patient and work at best hope to acquire one of the best positions.
One thing is for sure, with the work you get there! Nothing is impossible in SEO … provided to demonstrate intelligence, professionalism and patience.


Both tools allow you to get information on trends in search for a keyword. You can compare them keywords and apply filters to refine your results. It is ideal for studying the reputation of a keyword and to determine whether this keyword is growing, shrinking, or if it’s just a fad.


You have defined your target keywords and you have optimized your website? Very well!
However, do not forget to track the position of your website on different expressions chosen for each page. In light of such developments, you will certainly need to make some technical changes, see the proposed change in link exchanges with your partner content.

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