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TOP 10 Biggest SEO Mistakes

Shajee Fareedi – SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant in Pakistan is about to disclose the most common SEO mistakes. From my own experience I can say that this very closely meets the real situation in the network.

To attain a good ranking with the search engines, continuous and quality qualiativ update their own content is necessary. Mind, however, it often fails because the website is rather viewed as a “means to an end” as “means of communication”.

But what are the details of the reasons for a mediocre or even poor ranking on Google?

Why only Google?

Well, who is well positioned in Google, with over 85% market share, will almost certainly find the other search engines do not make too much more thought.

The Top 10 of the most common tuning error
… And what you can do about it:

Duplicate Content:

mostly similar or the same content is repeatedly used on the website or in the shop. Every SEO Specialist know that it may be that two products are similar, but you should make the effort and write two different texts. Why should Google save two of the same content and thus wasting space?

Too little text:

Often come the web page content from brochures or other existing information products. But they have a completely different audience and are not suitable for the web. SEO Specialist prefer to invest a little more time and provide interesting, additional information for your visitors into the net.

Complex surface pattern and opaque URLs:

index.php cid = 12 & dl = 764 & action = show page – everything is clear, right?? As any SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant now know where we are just as hard, Google does. All popular editing systems support search engine friendly addresses, use these also. Search Engine Friendly URLs are like this : example This SEO Friendly URL can help you to get more visitors to your site, by reading this URL in the search result, user can understand that what your website is for and by clicking on your link, where they will reach.


Your product name, Service name are the keywords in the meta tags barely paid attention. Use only the terms that appear in the Content. Since we are also equal to the main topic: think about what the central theme of this one page and use the term (“keyword”) regularly to fit in the text. But do not overdo it, otherwise you will annoy your visitors and search engines at the same time.

Long load time:

DSL is widely used, but is not ISDN & Co extinct. Check your website on the charging time and look for optimization opportunities. Partial images are uploaded to original size, causing long load times. The faster your site is delivered, the more pleasant is the feeling of your website.

Technical error:

robots.txt, XML Sitemap – everything available? Great! These files help search engines easier to index your website (“crawl”). With only few resources they have created. The robots.txt you can can be produced by a generator, for the XML sitemap has every editing system a module. And if there are none yet, just create it manually.

Missing Image Tags:

Google can do a lot, but the robot is doing more difficult for images. Help him by Alt (alternative text) and Title- (caption texts, mostly visible on mouse-over) tags. You not only support but also search engines visitors with limited options, eg Blind. By the way, name your image but also right after the content, the management makes the same lot easier.

Hitherto been the ne plus ultra in terms of ranking:

Not enough external links. By social influences such as Facebook, Google Plus weighting of external links decreases somewhat. Nevertheless, try to include meaningful link partnerships or provide content to, is often linked to the.

Inaccurate internal links:

take care when internal linking on the title of the link. For the visitor, it may seem logical that “read more” on the news teaser with the following detail page – for Google but this is just a sign that the content with “read more” can be summarized. Potential wasted. Link to the page with a matching term.

Poor internationalization:

for you only if you are truly multilingual go. Try again, the structure as transparent as possible to make. If in doubt, use different domains for different languages​​.

A whole lot that you can do wrong or right. Before you start optimizing your website, create a goal plan is best. Where do you want with what terms go? Where are the strong competitors where there are niches?

Shaje Fareedi – SEO Specialist and SEO Consultant will help you with good planning, SEO Tactics and SEO Techniques , and will help you to save your time, efforts and resources and can rank your business to the top on the Major Search Engines on your desired keywords.

If you want to boost your business on search Engines, feel free to Contact Shajee Fareedi at :

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