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As a SEO Expert, i understand How Search Works up to great extend and now i have decided to explain its basic processes which are also important for SEO Beginners to know because it is a very important part of SEO. If you are New to SEO and want to grow in the Search Market, It is must to know and understand How Search Works to become a SEO Specialist as I mentioned that it is a part of SEO. Well, now we are about to start learning “HOW SEARCH WORKS”


As we use the words how Search Works, it simply means How Search Engine Works. There are about 3 Major Parts of the Search Process, which are :

  1. Crawling and Indexing
  2. Algorithm
  3. Fighting with Spam

Each Step having many processes.


Crawling :

Crawling is being performed by Crawler, which is a software which Google use to send over the web to discover most relevant information or Data to the Searches which are performed by users of Search Engine ( Basically the Crawling is the process which is used to help Googlebot to discover every new and updated web pages on the web to be added to the Google’s Database/Index. Google is using a huge set of machines/Computers to crawl trillion of pages on the web.


Indexing is a part of Search. After the Crawler/ Google-bot collects the web pages when the crawling is in progress and it creates a file which is called an index. Crawler puts the important information and words/keywords and their locations in the index file. index much looks like the index of a book. It helps Search system up to great extend to provide searcher exact results of what he/she searched in the search box.


Search starts with the web. In this Growing era, it is made up about


And it is constantly growing, so I am unable to mention the exact numbers of web Pages.

Well, Let me Describe the Complete SEARCH Process.


1.Crawling and Indexing

SEO Consultant - How Googlebot Crawl & Index Website

SEO Specialist Shajee Fareedi guides How Google Crawl and Index the website

  • By their Bot / Crawler, Google Navigates the web

It means, Google’s Bot follow Links from each and every individual Page to another Page on the Web.

NOTE : Google’s Bot only follow the link which the Website’s owner allows it to follow by Robot.txt

  • Google’s software sort out the Web pages by the Content which page is having and other factors.

as a SEO Specialist,  i would say that in the Search Engine Optimization, it is must to write unique and quality content which also must be relevant to the Page (for which you write the content ) for website’s each and every page.

the most exciting thing is that the Google Keep the record of it all in an index file, which is about 100 Million GB ( Gigabytes ) .


Google Algorithm Pigeon  - SEO Specialist | SEO Expert

Google Algorithm – SEO Specialist Pakistan

  • Google is having many Algorithm which are also called Programs and Formulas which helps the Google Search System to Provide Best Result Possible to the searcher.
Here are the Major Algorithm which Google develop to provide best result :
  • Panda 4.0
  • penguin 3.0
  • hummingbird
  • Pigeon

So, as a SEO Expert, I always suggest that the Development of the Website, Design of the Website and the content of the web pages must be done according to the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines and the algorithms listed.

  • When a Searcher use the Google Search Engine to Search Something, Google’s Programs start their work to get clues to understand the search better or what you mean.

These are Some Great Options which Google provides us :

  • Search Method ( Web, Images, New etc.)
  • Spelling (Corrects Spelling Mistakes)
  • Auto Complete
  • Synonyms
  • Instant Reply (calculator, Weather etc.)
  • Understanding the Query

Also, Based on the same things, Google understands the search and pull relevant results from the Index File.

Based on the Index file, Google check Search Queries and then rank the results.

As a SEO Consultant, i will suggest that always use to optimize your Content, including Images and all other things using your targeted keyword to get Google’s attention while it is searching the best and relevant data in their index to show in the search result.

There are more than 190 Ranking Factors

3.Fighting Spam

SEO Expert & SEO Consultant Shajee Fareedi - Spam Fighting Image

SEO Specialist Shajee Fareedi Guides how Google fights Spam

As i found that Google Officially stated that They Fight Spam 24/7 to prevent users from spams and provide the best possible and relevant search Results.

But, the Spam Removal process’s majority is automatic as i know, otherwise the examine the other questionable documents manually and if they find any spam over there, the expert Spam team of Google take manual Action to remove that as soon as possible.

Before taking any Action they always use to notify the website’s owner so the website owner can remove or fix the issue with their site and let to Google know, otherwise the website may lose their ranking.

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