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Shajee Fareedi – SEO Consultant in Pakistan discovered 60 Major Search Engine Ranking Factors.

In this article, you can find a list of over 60 Google Ranking Factors.
The Topics Covered in this articles :

List of over 60 Google Ranking Factors

  • Contents of this page 
  • Domain factors 
  • Page-level factors 
  • Site-level factors 
  • Backlink factors 
  • User interaction 
  • Special algorithm rules 
  • Social signals 
  • Brand signals 
  • On-Site Webspam factors 
  • Off-page factors Webspam 

Google has confirmed that it uses about 200 ranking signals in its algorithm. However, the search engine provider has never published all factors.

This list is by no means an official nature. However, it summarizes the best available information, such as Google Sites and Web sites entwines. Shajee Fareedi – SEO Consultant Pakistan suggests to pay attention to these factors in order to improve your Google ranking!

A. Domain factors

First age of the domain

Matt Cutts explains:

The difference between a 6 months old domain over a one year old domain is really not that big.

In other words, the age of the domain uses … but it is not very important.

Second keyword appears in the top-level domain

Does not bring the increase as before, but their keyword in the domain still acts as a relevant signal. Finally, highlights Google keywords that appear in the domain name still show in bold.

3 keyword as the first word in the domain

after a survey on the search engine ranking factors Shajee Fareedi – SEO Consultant Pakistan agreed on that the domain that begins with their target keyword is better than pages that either the keyword not in their domain or in the middle or at the end of their domain have:

The keyword is the first word in the root domain names – 69.3%

4 Duration of domain name registration

A Google patent says:

Valuable (legitimate) domains are often paid for many years in advance, while access domains (not legitimate) be used as a one year rarely longer. Therefore, the future expiry date of a domain can be used as a factor to predict the legitimacy of a domain

5 keyword in the subdomain

The Shajee Fareedi – SEO Specialist and SEOMoz participants also agreed that a keyword occurring increases in the subdomain ranking.

The keyword is the subdomain name – 52.8%

6 History of the Domain

A page with the frequent change owner (via whois) or more drops may cause Google to delete the history of the site and to make links invalid, pointing to the page.

7 Exact Match Domain (EMD)

EMDs you can still gain an advantage … if it is a quality side. But if the EMD is a poor quality page, it is susceptible to the EMD update.

Exact Match Domain

Matt Cutts explains:

Little Conditions: The small next Google algorithm change will reduce EMDs in search results with low-quality content.

8, the sanctioned Whois owner

If Google identifies a particular person as a spammer, it made sense that it does not check if that person.

Let satellite pages, etc from relatives and acquaintances register or get their permission.

9 Public counterproductive private whois

Private Whois information can be a sign that you have something to hide. Matt Cutts said at the Pubcon 2006 include:

… When I checked their whois data, these were all by the” Whois Privacy Protection Service protected

This is relatively uncommon. …. To activate Whois Privacy is not automatically bad, but once more of these factors come together, speak often of a different type than the webmaster, the only one page or so has.

10 Country specific TLD extension

A country code top-level domain (.cn, .pt, .ca) to have help in the ranking of the page for a specific country … but limited opportunities in the global ranking.

Unless your shop / website is multilingual, try for each language the appropriate Top Level Domain to use. Please create here, but no duplicate content.

B. Page-level factors

11 keyword in the title tag

The title tag is the second most important part of the content of a web page (next to the content of the page) and is therefore considered a strong relevance signal.

12 keyword in the description tag

This is another important relevance signal with which you can improve your Google ranking.

13 keyword appear in the H1 tag

H1 tags are a “second title tag”, which send according to the results of this correlation study another relevance signal to Google.

Here are the results of the study:

14th title tag begins with the keyword

According to SEOMoz data tend Title-day, beginning with a keyword, to outperform Title tags, where the keyword is at the end of the day.

15 keyword is the most used phrase in a document

A keyword more often than to any other place, should serve as a relevance signal. Look below, however, described the appropriate keyword density!

Use synonyms and also your keyword in different combinations on your side.

16 lengths of Contents

Content with more words can cover a larger range and short superficial articles usually preferred. Microsite Masters has found that the length of Contents correlated with SERP positions.

17 keyword density

Although no longer as important as it once was, the keyword density is still something that Google uses to determine the theme of a website.

Do not overdo the keyword density. Do not pack the keyword too often in your text. Google recognizes this as keyword stuffing.

18 Latent Semantic Indexing keywords in the content (LSI)

LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords) help the search engines, the meaning of words with more than one meaning to extract (Apple as a computer company over the fruit). The presence / absence of LSI probably acts as a quality signal for the content.

19 LSI keywords in the TITLE and the description tags

As with the content of web pages to help LSI keywords in meta tags of pages likely to distinguish between Google synonyms. These can then act as a relevance signal.

20 page loading speed with HTML

Google and Bing use the page loading speed as a ranking factor. Search engine spiders can appreciate your page speed due to the page code and the file size pretty much.

You can measure the download speed with these tools. Also included are tips on how to subsequently improve your page:

Google’s Page Speed


21 Duplicate Content

(Even slightly modified) Identical content on the same page can adversely affect the search engine presence of a page.

If you still want to add a lot of text several similar categories (red shoes, blue shoes, green shoes, etc), you should consider Text Spinning into consideration. This saves money and still give good results.

22 rel = “canoncial”

Used properly, the use of this tag Google disincentive to note the duplicate content pages.

Use the Canonical day especially on pages that result with php-Parametern a different result. An example would be related to “red? Filter =” by appending Show only of all red products.

23 page loading speed with Chrome

Google may also use Chrome users data to better estimate the load speed of a page, as this takes into account the speed server, CDN usage, and other non-relevant HTML page speed signals.

24 image optimization

Send On-page search engine images using their file name, alt text, title, its description and caption important relevance signals.

25 topicality of content updates

The Google Caffeine Update preferably recently new updated content, especially for time-sensitive searches. To highlight the importance of this factor, Google shows for certain pages, the date of the last update of a page.

26 extent of content updates

The importance of editing and changes is also a timeliness factor. Add or delete entire sections, is a much bigger update than the sequences of some words to modify.

So check that you are updating older blog posts from time to time and add new information.

27 Past Updates

Page Updates: How often the website has been updated over time? Daily, weekly? The frequency of site updates also plays a role for the currency.

28 keyword relevance

A keyword that appears in the first 100 words of the content of a page seems to be a significant relevance signal.

29 keyword in H2, H3 tags

A keyword that appears as subtitles in H2 or H3 format can be another weak relevance signal. The SioMoz participants agree:

Keyword is present in H2-day side – 47.2%

30 keyword phrase

An exact match of search keywords in the content of a page is usually better entwine, as the same keyword phrase in a different order.

For example: Consider a search for “cat shaving techniques”. A page that is optimized for the phrase “cat shaving techniques” is better entwine as a page that has been optimized for “techniques for cats shave”.

31 outbound link quality

Many SEOs believe that linking to authority sites helps to send signals to trust Google.

32 outbound link topic

According to SEOMoz can use the content of the pages to which you link, as a relevance signal search engines. For example, if you have a website about cars, which is linked to movie-related pages, so Google can say that it is at your side to movie cars, not the car itself.

33 Grammar and Spelling

Correct grammar and spelling are a quality signal, although Cutts 2011 different statements met whether this is important or not.

34 Syndicated Content

If the original content on the page? If he is removed or copied from an indexed page, it is not as good as the original entwine or end up in Google’s Supplemental Index.

35 Helpful supplementary content

According to the leaked Google Rater Guidelines a useful supplementary content is considered as a quality indicator of a page. Examples include currency converter, loan rate calculator and interactive recipes.

But photos are an important factor for search engines and users, since they help to improve the usability.

36 Number of Outbound Links

Too many DoFollow-OBLS can cause a “run-off” of the PageRank, which can harm the search presence.

However enjoy so-called Hub Pages a high reputation in Google. Here are sites that collect the best sites on the net about a topic and enrich with valuable content.

37th Multimedia

Images, videos and other multimedia elements can act as a quality signal for the content.

38 number of internal links on a page

The number of internal links on a page refers to its significance with respect to other pages of the website.

39 quality of internal links on a page

Internal links from relevant pages on a domain have a stronger effect than links from pages with no or low PR.

40th defects Links

Too many broken links on a page can be a sign of a neglected or abandoned page. The Google Rater Guidelines use broken links as a way to evaluate the quality of a website.

41 Affiliate Links

Affiliate links themselves will probably not hurt your rankings. But if you have too many, can pay more attention to other quality signals Google’s algorithm to make sure that you are not “thin affiliate site”.

42 Reading Level

There is no doubt that Google assesses the reading level of web pages:

Profit after reading level for Reading Level:

Simple: 33%
Medium: 59%
Advanced: 8%
But what makes Google with this information is up for debate. Some SEOs believe that a simple reading level will help your site to rank because it will appeal to the mass. However Linchpin SEO has discovered that the read level is a factor that separates the quality of pages of content farms.

43 HTML errors / WC3 validation

Many HTML error or a sloppy coding may be a signal for a low quality page. Although controversial, many SEOs think that the WC3 validation is a weak signal quality.

Here you can check your website: Check website for W3C validation

44 domain authority of the host page

All things that are siblings of a page on an authoritative domain, a page on a domain with less authority are superior.

45 pages PageRank

Not perfectly correlated, but generally tend pages with higher PR to better entwine as sites with low PR.

46 length of the URL

The Search Engine Journal notes that excessively long URLs of Web presence can hurt.

47 URL path

A page that is closer to the homepage can get a slight boost authority.

48th Human editors

Although never confirmed, Google has filed a patent for a system that allows human editors to influence the SERPs.

49th page Category

The category under which the page appears, is a relevancy signal. A page that is part of a closely related category should receive a boost relevance, compared to a page that is an unrelated or less related category.

50 WordPress tags

Tags are a WordPress-specific relevance signal. According

“The only way to improve your SEO is to link a portion of the contents with another, and in particular a group of contributions to each other.”

51 keyword in the URL

Another important relevance signal.

52 URL string

The categories in the URL string will be read by Google and can provide a thematic signal what the page is:

53 References and sources

To cite references and sources, such as research papers do it, a quality signal can be. The Google Quality Guidelines explain that critics should look for sources when they see certain pages:

“This is an issue where expertise and authoritative sources are important …”

54th bulleted and numbered lists

Bulleted and numbered lists to help break up your content for readers, to make it more user-friendly. Google agrees and probably should prefer content with bulleted and numbered lists.

55 priority of a page in the site map

The priority is given to one side by the sitemap.xml file can affect the ranking.

Find out how you can build your sitemap.

56 Too many outbound links

Directly from the above leaked document:

“Some sites have too many links that hide the page and distract from the main content”

57 quantity of other keywords that ranks the page

If the page entwines with several other keywords, this may be a Google internal quality signal.

58th birthday of the page

Although Google fresh content preferred, an older page, which is updated regularly, a more recent page excel.

59 user-friendly layout

Serve with a quote from the Google Quality Guidelines:

“The page layout by providing superior quality of sides, the main content immediately visible”

60 Parked Domains

A Google Update in December 2011 reduced the search presence of parked domains.


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