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Top 5 SEO Ranking Tips by Shajee Fareedi – SEO Specialist in Pakistan


Recently, I read the guide SEOmoz which focuses on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and is very useful for any company wishing to travel well positioned its site in the search engines. So I wanted to share with you some of the tips here because very little business in the tourism sector know what the SEO, what are the basic optimization techniques and why it is essential to use From a strategic point of view. If the provided information is inadequate, you can head to Roofing Marketing Pros to understand better about SEO.

What is SEO?

First, before you start, what is SEO? The SEO or Search Engine Optimization is actually a set of technique that optimizes SEO or organic a website on search engines . The goal here is to position or index the site in search engines as some keywords corresponding to the main themes of the site. For example, for the office of tourism in Hawaii , it would be well positioned on keywords such as “tourism Hawaii”, “Hawaii travel”, “vacation Hawaii”, etc. and a multitude of variants and derivatives of these keywords directly related to the content of the site.

By natural or organic SEO refers to search results that are naturally displayed by the search engine after a request and not the links sponsors which is most of the time to the right of the screen.

How to use SEO techniques can help your tourism business to perform better?

Now that you know what the SEO, it is important to know what these optimization techniques can help your tourism business to perform more to your business objectives. Indeed, what are the benefits of investing in SEO for your business?

Knowing that 74% of Internet users use a search engine to find their stay online. we can understand how the use of SEO techniques can help you to generate leads and sales to your site or simply increase your reputation or your brand. According to a recent study by JupiterResearch and NPD Group , 70% of Internet users will consult the first page of search results . This percentage drops to 17% for the second page of results, 7% for the first 3 pages and only 8% for 3 pages and more. At a time when 50% of Internet users book their travel online , now we see the importance of our position in the first page of results on the search engines for some strategic keywords that you have previously determined using an analysis of our website and those of competitors.

5 SEO tips to optimize your placement in search engines

Now for 5 SEO tips to help you better index your site in search engines. Far from being a comprehensive guide (SEO is a very complex discipline and constantly evolving), 5 these techniques can help you make some small changes to your site so that it is better positioned in the engines.

Do not aim the first page of results with these techniques because SEO techniques take time to bear fruit and techniques represent only a small part of what can be done in terms of SEO. Hiring a SEO expert in Pakistan like Shajee Fareedi can be a very efficient and cost effective solution for any business wanting to position themselves. Moreover, according to the firm eMarketer , marketing managers in the Pakistan has to spend 19.3% of their budgets to search engine SEO, while this percentage is expected to rise to 22.8% in 2011. Here are the 5 SEO techniques at the structure of your website:

1. Structure your URL correctly

It is important to structure the URL of your site so that search engine spiders indexes more quickly and easily. Indeed, if you are a online marketing agency in Pakistan or want to market your company online and you have 3 main section in your site SEO Specialist, it is important that the URL of each page of these subcategories is well structured according to these categories. For example, the page SEO Services is a part of the category Online Marketing Services and URL should be structured to reflect this categorization. An example URL would be

SEO Specialist

SEO Consultant

2. Rewrite your URL

A mistake often made ​​in certain website is written to see URL this way: This writing does nothing indexing your pages in search engines. It is better to write your URL using the title of your page or keywords very specific and relevant to the content of your page, such as: Thus, it is clear that this is a page on Shajee Fareedi – SEO Expert in Pakistan and search engines index your pages more easily activities. You can use a module mod_rewrite to optimize writing your URL easily.

3. Add content and update your site frequently

Another easy way to improve the indexing of your pages is way to update your site frequently. The higher your site will be updated often, more search engines tend to index to a higher level. Indeed, the engines give more value to recent content that the content has not been changed for a long time and that’s why you win advantage to frequently update your site. Having a business blog is a good way to make sure you have fresh content and frequently updated to index your site. User comments and notes written on a frequent basis provide new content for search engines (provided of course maintain your blog and add content!;)).

4. Avoid duplication of content

Another SEO technique to follow is to avoid duplication of your content. In fact, search engines penalize sites that have duplicate content and do not know the difference between the original content and duplicate content. It is therefore important to ensure that your content is not reproduced in full at another location on the web or you do not have two identical pages (for example, on your old domain and your new domain name). The site CopyScape can also help you find duplicate content for your website.

5. Make sure you have quality links pointing to our site

A common belief about SEO is that important for a website is to have the largest number of links pointing to our site to be well indexed by search engines. Note that this is false. What is important is not the quantity of links pointing to your site, but the quality of those links. By quality, we mean a number of factors including the age of the domain name, the credibility of the site in search engines, its page rank , etc. In short, make sure to link partnerships with quality sites that are credible to search engines and not simply mean the amount of links.

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