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Deciding to setup a website?

Deciding to Start Website? learn about Basic with ShajeeFareedi

Deciding to Start a Website.

Want to make an online address of a business you own where your customers can find your on the web?

Digital Marketing Specialist in Pakistan

Internet Marketing – Get found on the Web.

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That’s Great !

Learn how to Develop Website

Setup a New SEO Friendly Website.

This is what show that you become advanced and growing up with the world 😉

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t Know where to get start and what to do first?


I am going to teach you! (OR If you want me to Develop a Website for you, Contact Me ! )

First of all, if you are planning to start a online Business,you need to choose a domain name (YOUR WEBSITE NAME), and then register it through a domain name registrar like Godaddy, etc, and choose a website hosting service like Hostgator or GoDaddy !

Choose a Website Name (DOMAIN)

The Website Name/ Domain name is your website’s name / address on the web/internet through which your customers will reach you directly so choose a good one that is:

Descriptive: Think about the name of your Business/Website and the service, products or Information  your are about to your site. The Website name is one of the first and a kind of important things people notice to remember your site if they found anything interested on your site, so it should provide a good idea what your site’s about at a glance.

Easy to remember: The Domain Name must be easy to remember, Keep it short and simple. If it’s long and hard to remember/complicated, it’ll be hard for people to remember.

Select a Website Address / Domain Registrar and Hosting Provider.

Many domain name registrars are offering domain names for public use. A hosting provider rents out space on Web Servers to Store Website’s Data and make them visible so it will be Accessible through the internet in all over the world. Many Website/ Companies are offering both Services (domain name registration and hosting services) So it is good to pick your domain name and host your website through one system. There is  general confusion which arises among public when it comes to choosing Cloudways Vs SiteGround as the website providers. There are few important things which needs to be considered which selecting a reliable web hosting Providing company :

Server Uptime: Uptime is the servers belonging to your hosting provider are up and running which is important for your website for generating leads and profit from your website, if your website is not visible when your customers wants to buy your product or service(s) and visits you, they will not get back to your site again.  it is an undeniable fact that any Web server can go down sometimes because of any kind of technical issue, but you want to find a provider with very very little downtime. So, your Customers and  visitors can almost always see your website and product you are selling.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth is the most important for your website if you have a product because of which you receive huge amount visitors at a time, if your don’t have enough bandwidth, your site may be down due to overload. It shows how much data your site can send to the rest of the internet and determines how much traffic your website can support. Some hosting providers limit the bandwidth available to your website while others allow unlimited access.

Recommended Hosting Providers :

Once you have done all of these process there may be few  steps to need to do your self which may be technical steps to link your Web Address/ Domain name with your hosting service you bought. You can get help from your hosting Customer Support. After you have linked your domain and your hosting service, you are all set to start creating your website!

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