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Natural SEO By Shajee Fareedi - SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant Pakistan Your website is only useful if it is visited by your customers and prospects. For this, it must be visible in the results of search engines for keywords relevant to your business.   Natural SEO by Shajee Fareedi   The steps in my SEO Consultancy Services SEO audit (for existing sites) or analysis of the project (for construction sites) Analysis of the main competitor sites Recommendation keywords Code optimization Site Optimization of existing texts or creating optimized texts Internal mesh (internal links to your site) Linking to your site (backlink) Updating pages / content creation Creating / optimizing your Google Places listing Track and analyze your position and your visitor traffic  If you want to learn about how can you can implement SEO in your business, you can view more below on this article. Duration of the provision of consulting SEO Positioning a website in search engine results takes time. My services usually last from 6 months to 1 year .   Cost of the provision of SEO The cost of SEO depends on the following: Priority number of keywords on which you want to be found Site size / number of pages on the site Competitive environment (number of competing pages on the keyword level optimization level competitor sites ...) Seniority Site Involvement of internal teams (the site is regularly updated, writing a blog ...) Each situation is unique. It therefore seems inappropriate to offer "turnkey" packages. Unless a great stroke of luck, such a benefit will never be suited to your actual situation: either you pay too much compared to your needs, the benefit will be undersized and you do not perceive the impact on your business. For example, the cost of the provision of consulting SEO for a site of [...]

Top 10 SEO Mistakes to avoid

Shajee Fareedi – SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant in Pakistan is about to disclose the most common SEO mistakes. From my own experience I can say that this very closely meets the real situation in the network. To attain a good ranking with the search engines, continuous and quality qualiativ update their own content is necessary. Mind, however, it often fails because the website is rather viewed as a “means to an end” as “means of communication”. But what are the details of the reasons for a mediocre or even poor ranking on Google? Why only Google? Well, who is well positioned in Google, with over 85% market share, will almost certainly find the other search engines do not make too much more thought. The Top 10 of the most common tuning error … And what you can do about it: Duplicate Content: mostly similar or the same content is repeatedly used on the website or in the shop. Every SEO Specialist know that it may be that two products are similar, but you should make the effort and write two different texts. Why should Google save two of the same content and thus wasting space? Too little text: Often come the web page content from brochures or other existing information products. But they have a completely different audience and are not suitable for the web. SEO Specialist prefer to invest a little more time and provide interesting, additional information for your visitors into the net. Complex surface pattern and opaque URLs: index.php cid = 12 & dl = 764 & action = show page – everything is clear, right?? As any SEO Specialist or SEO Consultant now know where we are just as hard, Google does. All popular editing systems support search engine friendly addresses, use these also. Search Engine Friendly […]

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