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Natural SEO By Shajee Fareedi - SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant Pakistan Your website is only useful if it is visited by your customers and prospects. For this, it must be visible in the results of search engines for keywords relevant to your business.   Natural SEO by Shajee Fareedi   The steps in my SEO Consultancy Services SEO audit (for existing sites) or analysis of the project (for construction sites) Analysis of the main competitor sites Recommendation keywords Code optimization Site Optimization of existing texts or creating optimized texts Internal mesh (internal links to your site) Linking to your site (backlink) Updating pages / content creation Creating / optimizing your Google Places listing Track and analyze your position and your visitor traffic  If you want to learn about how can you can implement SEO in your business, you can view more below on this article. Duration of the provision of consulting SEO Positioning a website in search engine results takes time. My services usually last from 6 months to 1 year .   Cost of the provision of SEO The cost of SEO depends on the following: Priority number of keywords on which you want to be found Site size / number of pages on the site Competitive environment (number of competing pages on the keyword level optimization level competitor sites ...) Seniority Site Involvement of internal teams (the site is regularly updated, writing a blog ...) Each situation is unique. It therefore seems inappropriate to offer "turnkey" packages. Unless a great stroke of luck, such a benefit will never be suited to your actual situation: either you pay too much compared to your needs, the benefit will be undersized and you do not perceive the impact on your business. For example, the cost of the provision of consulting SEO for a site of [...]

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Happy meeting. I am Shajee Fareedi, the SEO Consultant and Specialist in SEO Services in Pakistan. I am at your service in your website promotion activities through shajeefareedi.com.   Wonder what is so special about me? Well – My credentials and my 100% satisfied clientele will speak for me. I am basically a Professional Graphic Designer starting from 2007.   This led me into Web Designing assignments for various esteemed clients all over the world since 2008. Till 2011 I have served an array of online businesses, with world-class websites designed exactly as per the wishes and aspirations of my clients, which are roaring success even today.   For the last 3 years, the Internet Marketing has been hectic with so many websites (nearly 1 billion as of date) vying with each other to succeed online. This gave a great fillip for Search Engine Optimization Services. I earnestly switched over to SEO Services along with my concentration on Digital Marketing Services. So far my client websites have been promoted into immense popularity, by adopting proven and time-tested SEO strategies, techniques and tactics.   During these years my tasks as SEO Specialist are – Welcome my new customer cordially and instil confidence in their minds that their websites will meet with Guaranteed Success Online Understand the needs, short-coming, flaws existing in the given website which prevent it from getting high-ranks in Search Engines and evolve a Game Plan for a meaningful SEO to achieve the desired goals of my client. In case of new website requirements, build a website with latest Web Designing Technology solutions to make it Search Engine-friendly. Strive hard to promote the website all over the net-world through world-forums, portals of importance, web directories, and social networking platforms, perfect permanent Link-building and undertaking every On-Page and Off-Page SEO […]

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