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Google Aims To Enhance User Search Results With New Patent

Google Aims To Enhance User Search Results With New Patent Search engine major Google is credited with the provision of latest patents based upon various innovative aspects that are useful to the end-users as well. Latest patent based upon the search results that are considered by the user based upon the television programs watched will prove to be highly effective providing you with the best results in an ideal manner that you anticipate the most. Organizing your personal preferences with the consideration of several features on an additional basis too will help you in coming across the best results as per the given situation. SEO friendly website are known to score a maximum because of the innovative concepts provided by the search engine prospects as per the given situation. Google’s search engine algorithms are known to change on a regular basis with the consideration of several aspects in a detailed manner. Excellent concepts related to search engine are provided to you in an excellent fashion allowing you to explore several features accordingly. Regular TV signals that you obtain for watching programs of better quality will let you organize your preferences as per the given situation. Storing programs and sorting channels are the two common things that are considered by television viewers in general. Google would like to cash in this craze with the inclusion of best features always. Perhaps, the concerned viewers are encouraged to explore numerous features with best search engine concepts considered obtained without going through any major complications as well. Determining several aspects in a detailed manner too is something what you need to focus upon in order to influence the searching and ranking mechanisms that are employed by the reputed firm in an effective fashion. Also, it is necessary that you focus upon your latest preferences […]

Google Update : Google to Stop Showing Authorship Information In Search Results

  Few Weeks ago, Shajee Fareedi  heard that Google would be removing the authorship Photos/pictures from their Search engine Results. And, Now it has been confirmed by Google’s John Mueller that the authorship information will be removed from the search results entirely. Shajee Fareedi discovered that the decision was taken to drop authorship information because it wasn’t found enough useful to google Search Engine users, and at times has even detracted from the search results. He Said :    Unfortunately, we have also observed that this information is not as useful to our users as we’d hoped, and can even distract from those results. With this mind, we have made the difficult decision to stop displaying authorship pictures in search results. It really should not make any difference to the website owners. Because Since the authorship pictures update was implemented, it didn’t help them to increase traffic to their web pages, then the site owners won’t notice a decrease in traffic going forward. Mueller notes that Google will not stop focusing on Schema.org structured markup : As we know this markup helps all major or small search engines to understand the content and context of page on the web better, and we will continue to use it to display rich snippets in the google search results. Implementation of Authorship was firstly started by google around the time as the launch of Google+. But no need to worry about Google+ content from people in your circles, i will not be removed from the Google search results Because, The John Muller also pointed out the users will still see Google+ posts from their friends and pages whenever they are relevant to their search Query.    


Your search for a Trusted SEO Specialist in Pakistan ends here. Rest assured the responsibility of catapulting your website into immense prominence all over the net-world and making it meet with great SUCCESS ONLINE becomes ours, henceforth. Shajee Fareedi, the outstanding SEO Consultant and SEO Specialist in Pakistan along with the SEO Pakistan familiar professionals assisting him will not rest till this objective is achieved. Now whatever notion you might have about efficient and effective SEO Services, the core fact remains that the success or failure of any website entirely hinges on ethical and meaningful SEO services. For this every website owner needs to engage an experienced SEO Consultant. For websites in Asia particularly an SEO Specialist in Pakistan will be most suitable for nativity. This you can easily understand. A website originating from Pakistan is beautifully built. Lots of attractive graphics and gimmicks are there. The site is selling proven and successful medication in the form of tablets, derived from Natural resources to reduce blood sugar, safely without any side-effects whatsoever. You are very well aware the demand for such effective medication, from diabetes patients all over the world. Intelligent use of service by an expert SEO Consultant in Pakistan needs to be done to bring it in limelight.  The SEO Consultant will be aware of the right techniques to be followed. SEO consultant Shajee Fareedi can shape the future prospect of any website with his excellent SEO services. Well, unless the website does not get into the limelight, the chances of sales are very slim. In such a situation, if the website seeks the help of a SEO consultant like Shajee Fareedi, accredited in website promotion as SEO Specialist in Pakistan and experienced in latest and sophisticated SEO strategies, techniques and tactics and well-versed in SEO Pakistan norms, […]


SEO Services - Quality Assure Service Guarantee! Approach new customers It is not possible through conventional marketing to get new customers as you have very limited means but with SEO marketing services that are offered by our company you can enhance your customers. Successful SEO campaigns are characterized by a variety of measures that have been meticulously designed strategically to achieve the objectives in advance. Starting with the onpage optimization measures to Off-Page measures such as link building and social media integration. The Shajee Fareedi - SEO Consultant in Pakistan offers its customers all these SEO services from a single source. With a large pool of resources he can implement all channels and measures for his customers in a timely manner. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the specialities of Shajee Fareedi since 2011. Since then much has changed. Where once simple measures led to the rapid success, today much greater efforts are needed to reach an SEO goal. Today real-time search is a great challenge if you want to optimize blog entries, videos, images or products in the search results. Because if written or presented poorly, it will decrease the relevance of the pure-site results in the perception of the users. For this reason, Shajee Fareedi - SEO Specialist & SEO Consultant in Pakistan have extended the classical On-page and Off-page optimization. Also the contents are instruments of social media optimization and ensures that you are represented with as many media types in the search engines. [contact-form-7 id="46"] Search Engine Optimization – SEO Services Search Engine Marketing – SEM Services Social Media Marketing – SMM Services Pay-Per-Click – PPC ServicesThe SEO is a foremost strategy for online marketing because of its efficacy. Shajee Fareedi Company works hard to provide you the most convenient ways of marketing. Over the past few years, there is a significant [...]

Discover your Targeted Audience

As you have setup the website by pointing your Domain to your Hosting, i teach you in previous post ( Develop a New Website ),  its time to Create some content to put on your website which is important for for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) We will learn about it in later chapter. So, Before creating contents for your website, you must need to identify your website’s targeted audience OR people who may be take interest in product or services your website is about. This is important because These are the people who you want to visit your website or buy your services or product. For example, the audience searches on Search Engine for Digital Marketing Specialist, SEO Expert, SEO Guru in Pakistan OR SEO Specialist  and they found Shajeefareedi.com in the search results, the will visit for shajeefareedi.com because they are interested in learning Digital Marketing or SEO Basics or may be want to hire Shajee Fareedi – SEO in Pakistan to optimize their business website for generating more profit through Online Presence. Once you identify your audience,  you can develop some contents that are useful and not irrelevant to them. Always Remember one thing, the visitors only just visits your website to get that kind or information which they are trying to find on the web and  the Google’s Ranking system will only rank your website if the content is relevant to the keyword you are targeting to rank your website on. Understand Your Audience to Target A search for “SEO Specialist in Pakistan” shows variations and related terms that people have searched in the search box of any Search Engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, Ask, Baidu etc to “SEO Specialist in Pakistan”. Understanding of related terms to your website’s content helps you to create […]

Develop a New Website

Deciding to setup a website? Want to make an online address of a business you own where your customers can find your on the web? Want to start a online Business for Extra income by selling some collectables or something on the internet? Check out this service! That’s Great ! This is what show that you become advanced and growing up with the world 😉 So, what are you waiting for? Don’t Know where to get start and what to do first? DON’T WORRY! I am going to teach you! (OR If you want me to Develop a Website for you, Contact Me ! ) First of all, if you are planning to start a online Business,you need to choose a domain name (YOUR WEBSITE NAME), and then register it through a domain name registrar like Godaddy, Name.com etc, and choose a website hosting service like Hostgator or GoDaddy ! Choose a Website Name (DOMAIN) The Website Name/ Domain name is your website’s name / address on the web/internet through which your customers will reach you directly so choose a good one that is: Descriptive: Think about the name of your Business/Website and the service, products or Information  your are about to your site. The Website name is one of the first and a kind of important things people notice to remember your site if they found anything interested on your site, so it should provide a good idea what your site’s about at a glance. Easy to remember: The Domain Name must be easy to remember, Keep it short and simple. If it’s long and hard to remember/complicated, it’ll be hard for people to remember. Select a Website Address / Domain Registrar and Hosting Provider. Many domain name registrars are offering domain names for public use. A hosting provider […]

About – Shajee Fareedi

Happy meeting. I am Shajee Fareedi, the SEO Consultant and Specialist in SEO Services in Pakistan. I am at your service in your website promotion activities through shajeefareedi.com.   Wonder what is so special about me? Well – My credentials and my 100% satisfied clientele will speak for me. I am basically a Professional Graphic Designer starting from 2007.   This led me into Web Designing assignments for various esteemed clients all over the world since 2008. Till 2011 I have served an array of online businesses, with world-class websites designed exactly as per the wishes and aspirations of my clients, which are roaring success even today.   For the last 3 years, the Internet Marketing has been hectic with so many websites (nearly 1 billion as of date) vying with each other to succeed online. This gave a great fillip for Search Engine Optimization Services. I earnestly switched over to SEO Services along with my concentration on Digital Marketing Services. So far my client websites have been promoted into immense popularity, by adopting proven and time-tested SEO strategies, techniques and tactics.   During these years my tasks as SEO Specialist are – Welcome my new customer cordially and instil confidence in their minds that their websites will meet with Guaranteed Success Online Understand the needs, short-coming, flaws existing in the given website which prevent it from getting high-ranks in Search Engines and evolve a Game Plan for a meaningful SEO to achieve the desired goals of my client. In case of new website requirements, build a website with latest Web Designing Technology solutions to make it Search Engine-friendly. Strive hard to promote the website all over the net-world through world-forums, portals of importance, web directories, and social networking platforms, perfect permanent Link-building and undertaking every On-Page and Off-Page SEO […]

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