SEO Specialist

SEO Specialist with extensive portfolio

As an SEO specialist with a versatile range of services, I take sustainable search engine optimization of your website so that you are better with your offers found on the Internet. The aim of the optimization is to improve your visibility in the search results of major search engines. I have the technical know-how for a successful implementation.

Your customer-oriented SEO Specialist

On the basis of a detailed SEO analysis, i recognize that optimization potential can be used and what improvements need to be made. For a tailored search engine optimization, i develop a customized strategy and present you with customized solutions.

Using the latest technology and my years of expertise, i take the necessary measures in Onpage- and OffPage area and thus lay the foundation for better rankings. Thus i make your website both technology and content more attractive and relevant for the search engines.

In recent years, i have number of projects for clients from various industries extremely successful and i developed my expertise and my excellent service to the market leader. Also, you can greatly benefit from my expertise.

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO at the highest level
  • SEO marketing with the expert SEO – Shajee Fareedi
  • Comprehensive online marketing solutions for your individual needs

If you would like to accept me as an SEO specialist to optimize your website, i am available at any time for a personal consultation. Convince yourself of my expertise!


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